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For over 10 years, Elris Communications Services Ltd has been dedicated to providing a one-stop shop for players in the telecommunications and broadcast sectors ranging from design and implementation to design and certification. Regardless of the magnitude or purpose of the job, all of Elris’ implementations are accompanied by full documentation. Our thorough approach, professionalism, reliability and documentation of our operations gives us the cutting edge in the sectors in which we serve.

Counting on the vast experiences of our management and staff, we offer our services in the following areas among others:

  • Communication infrastructure – antenna coax, mast or tower maintenance
  • Power distribution earthing – grounding of masts or towers and premises
  • Consultancy and training for radio broadcasting, satellite communication, broadcasting and televising
  • Audio-Visual and CCTV

More recently, Elris has expanded its service provision to include Fixed Data deployment, System Integration, Commissioning and Support Services which span through various Technologies such as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX), Microwave (Point to Point and Point to Multi Point), Corporate Direct Connection E1 (CDC), Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX, IPBX), VOIP, Wi-Fi and Fiber.

The Support scope may be categorised as follows:

  • Planned/Preventive Maintenance
  • Fault Maintenance

All these activities are carried out by trained, competent, certified engineers with recommended tools and we, at Elris, look forward to establishing a warm and cordial working relationship with our esteemed clients.

Some of Our Projects

5 from wimax 16d to WiMAX 16e

5 from wimax 16d to WiMAX 16e Elris Communications successfully...
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CPE installation with LAN integration

CPE installation with LAN integration SEACOM launched its SEACOM Business...
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The Enterprise Project

The Enterprise Project Elris has partnered with Ceragon Networks to...
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Working with Elris

Working with Elris Communications Services Ltd has complimented and added value to the services we provide to our clients. Their staff exercises the utmost professionalism that delivers results the first time out.

Safaricom Ltd

Elris Communications Services Ltd has empowered Telrad to deliver 16d and 16e technology all over Kenya. Their consistent technological expertise ensured that our project targets were met and communicated promptly. The Elris team’s is second to none and is 100% reliable whenever they are called upon.

James Juma

Elris Communications Services Ltd has and will always be a home for me. It is one company that has a good working environment that allows an individual to exploit their full potential as well as explore other related fields. In my work, I have received enormous support thus scaling my growth in all aspects of my life.

Rose Naishupai
Support Department / Elris Communications Services

Elris Communications Services Ltd has an open-door policy which is an awesome tool for personal and professional development. Furthermore, this also minimizes time spent on getting relevant assistance and information. There is no need for me to worry about bureaucracy when I need something to be sorted out.

James Ouma
Content Manager / Elris Communications Services

Our Clients

  • Safaricom
  • Telrad
  • Seacom
  • Telkcom
  • Turkana County
  • Ceragon
  • Yu
  • Eaton
  • Erricson
  • Kaa
  • Nokia
  • Kenya Airways